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10294 Interstate 30 Frontage Road
Little Rock, AR, 72209
United States

(501) 690-4673 provides prayer and scripture resources for students and churches to share Christ on their local school campus.

How to Use the Kid Missionary Pack

How to Use the kid Missionary Pack

Kids Pastors

Give each Kid Missionary his/her pack.

Encourage KM's to pray for their unsaved friends.

Challenge your KM's to share the Book of Hope with friends. 

Encourage KM's to attach the backpack tag to their school backpack as a conversation starter.

Ask parents to encourage their KM in his/her commitment.  More info for parents is found on our Parents page. 

Kid Missionaries

Pray that God will give you the chance to share Christ with a friend. 

When a friend asks about your backpack tag, share a Book of Hope with them. 

When you give a friend a book, you can say something like, "I'm a Kid Missionary.  I'd like you to have this book about the most important person in my life, Jesus." 

Continue to pray for your friend, and ask later what he/she thought about the book.

Invite your friend to come to church with you.

Important reminders

If you share a book at school, don't do it while the teacher is talking.

If someone doesn't want the book, don't make them take it.  Just keep praying for him/her.

Tell your parents about your Kid Missionary commitment and ask them to pray for you as you share Jesus with your classmates.